Valory was born thanks to the meeting of two managers, both expert of the gold and diamond world for different reasons.
Aware of the global change of the market, they believed that safe-haven asset, known by everyone but used only by few,
could become an alternative and safe investment method, different from the usual opportunities the financial system offers.
A forward-looking vision!
The new feature is to propose our customers an alternative investment instrument, made by two different physical products
(gold and diamond); such investment allows a diversification.
Valory is operative in the United Arab Emirates and in Switzerland,
where it works in full compliance with the rules, reeling in the investors from all over the world.




Diamond for investment is meant to be, by our society, a product with such technical characteristics that guarantee the marketability in the middle-long term (5-10 years). This is not a speculative investment, but a conservative investment.

Some characteristics:

– It is a safe-haven asset; its historical trend highlights how it does not lose its intrinsic value and how it is not affected by economic, politic and social crisis.

– It is a personal asset; it is subject neither to taxation nor to capital gain and it can be handed down from one generation to another without costs.



Gold is a rare element with charming and valued physic characteristics. Over the centuries it has shown to be able to protect the richness of the owner and to increase it beyond every rosy expectation.

Some characteristics:

– Gold is a currency and its ISO code is XAU.

– Gold is a pliable, heavy, ductile, malleable, yellow transition metal. Its symbol is Au (from Latin “aurum”).

– Gold, together with diamond, is a safe-haven asset par excellence, its historic trend highlights that it does not lose its intrinsic value. Unlike diamond, gold value is subjected to daily fluctuation, but it guarantees profitable results in medium-term (5 years).



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